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Cowboy's Greenwood Tavern
Good Food, Good Friends and Fun!
HomeNews & Events
http://www.cowboysgreenwoodtavern.com/additional.ph p

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01.64701.06287 Mi40 Training

Check Out the Best Kept Secret in Greenwood:

11 West Market Street  •  Greenwood, DE 19950

     Cowboy's Greenwood Tavern is open under new ownership and management. Purchased by Greenwood residents Cowboy and Trish Hocks, the Tavern and Package Store have been completely remodeled and has a fine staff to serve you in a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

       We serve the coldest beer around and have nine varieties on tap. A full bar is available to mix your favorite cocktails and specialty drinks. 

        Check out the Patio Bar! All your favorite beer, cocktails and food are available outside on the patio. Opened rain or shine air conditioned for the summer and heated for the winter.

        Our menu features great food and home made specials every Friday, Saturday and Sunday along with Cowboy's ribeye steak grilled to order. Treat yourself to steak and eggs Sunday morning with $3.00 Bloody Mary's or Screwdrivers all day.

         Stop in and test your skills at shuffleboard or pool. Casual play and league play is available for both shuffleboard and pool.

Come Join Us for Cold Beer, Great Food,
Good Friends & Fun in a Pleasant,
Relaxing Atmosphere at Cowboy's!

Phone: 302-349-5904

Tavern Hours:
Monday 3PM-11PM  •  Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-11PM  •  Friday 11AM-1AM
Saturday 9AM-1AM  •  Sunday 10AM-10PM

Package Store:
Monday 3PM-11PM  •  Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-11PM  •  Friday 11AM-1AM
Saturday 9AM-1AM  •  Sunday 12PM-8PM

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